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BS ISO 45003:2021 - A systemic approach to wellbeing

In June 2021, the long awaited BS ISO 45003:2021: Occupational Health and Safety Management. Psychological Health and Safety at Work. Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risks has finally been published.

Organisational wellbeing is often addressed as a series of interventions to improve individual resilience, or investing in reactive measures. The new British Standard approach ensures you can accompany these with a systemic approach to understanding psychosocial risk in the workplace and will ensure that measures you take will be sustainable in the long term. Only by looking at a stress prevention approach will you make a difference in those areas of wellbeing which you can measure!

The standard covers the development, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of healthy and safe workplaces.

We are delighted to welcome Peter Kelly from HSE who has been integral to the development of this standard and is an expert on workplace stress risk management, and Kate Field from BSI who will be helping you to implement it!

Organisational Wellbeing - Free Webinar Survey Results 2021

In March 2021, we ran a survey for more than 200 senior organisational leaders in HR, Health and Safety, and Wellbeing, spanning large (1,000+ employees) through to medium (50-999) and small (1-49) organisations. These professionals largely had responsibility for employees based in the UK only (81% of the sample).
With insight into key lockdown initiatives, health assessments, and recommendations for the future of work, the results provide a fascinating insight into the range of approaches offered during lockdown and plans moving forward.

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